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{color:#ff0000}This proposal was NOT accepted as proposed, but was accepted as useful advice to be inserted in S10 Annex 5{color}

h3. Proposal from

Barney Townsend - GBR alternate delegate

h3. Proposal title

Fuel weighing and quarantine

h3. Existing text


h3. New text

{color:#ff0000}{*}S10. 4.29.8{*}{color} {color:#ff0000} Where possible and practicable, the task director should conduct a fuel weighing procedure before the start of the competition, keeping the fuel for one or more economy tasks in quarantine until such time as they are needed during the competition. This procedure should then be repeated immediately after the task in preparation for the next one.{color}

h3. Reason

Valuable flying time is always lost during competitions to conduct fuel weighing. This amendment is provided as guideline to the director to help reduce the possibility of this.