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Received from the Senior Sports Manager on 4 October 2014
h3. Rules on Advertising

Dear All,

we did receive the [attached document|cima:2015 WAG Dubai^2014_10_02_FAI-World-Air-Games-Dubai-2015_Advertising.pdf] from the EAF Emirates Aerosports Federation, Host of the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015. This document explains the legal framework and regulations in force for advertising. We have to abide by the UAE laws.

Whereas the document primarily addresses the aircraft and equipment, it is our interpretation that the rules also apply for "materials", i.e. overalls, stickers on aircraft etc. Please also note the statement related to "media, digital advertising and user-generated content" - this might have implications on athlete's official web-pages / blogs.

Thank you very much for your careful reading and communication to the relevant people at the earliest opportunity.

Please do take the content of this letter very seriously. If you are in doubt about its interpretation, please contact me. If your athletes, sponsors, participants (crew, support staff etc) do not contact us, they have to bear any consequences by themselves. It is very likely that athletes are being asked to confirm the reading and understanding of these rules during their accreditation process.

FAI shall issue a due-date by which any queries must have reached us to seek a clarification with the Host. We shall also produce a document explaining "Advertising do's and don'ts" at a later stage - most likely not before the end of the first quarter / course of second quarter of 2015.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions you may have.