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It was announced just before the May 2014 ASC Presidents meeting that Paramotors will be included in the 2017 World Games.

This was [formally announced by IWGA|] at a press conference in Colorado Springs, USA on 26 Aug 2014.

*Wroclaw, Poland 20 - 30 July 2017*

h3. Overview

IWGA [International World Games Association|] exists for one event every 4 years, the World Games. It is the largest multi-sport event after the Olympics and any sport wanting to get into the Olympic programme usually goes via TWG. The budget is in the hundreds of millions, it involves around 3000 competitors, 30 sports, 1000 press people, live and recorded TV, etc.

2017 will be the 10th World Games, the last one was in 2013 in [Cali, Colombia|]. [More info on the way WG works|cimaBureau:World Games]

h3. The bid to include Paramotors

Paramotors was one of several airsports put forward by FAI so it is exciting news for Paramotor pilots they are one of the two selected. With [ABG|2014 ABG - Phuket], CIMA has been gaining considerable experience of non-FAI organized multi-sport games so it seems certain it will be able to produce a good event.

The original FAI bid proposed the idea of *electric paramotors*. If this can't be done then it won't stop us doing what we always do, but if it can, then it could be a tremendously good thing, but it relies on finding some way of funding it. Since pilots in these games must be selected from the best of 'the best' not 'the richest' then the only sensible solution must be to find a sponsor who can fund c.20 power units for loan to competitors in the event.

It is not unreasonable to think this might be possible; we know we can do interesting and attractive things in paramotor competitions, there are no performance disadvantages in the sort of short tasks we would be doing, eco stuff is very topical, and an electric competition would be a 'first' in any airsport. This all combines to have every potential to be something really interesting to the media and hence a decent sponsor.

Starting from summer 2014 we have three years to do it - a reasonable amount of time, but *it is your job to get to work on this now.*