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Confluence is organized in *spaces*. Spaces are organized by FAI commission.

The entire wiki permissions structure is organized by spaces with one or more [groups|user groups] of users assigned permissions to view, edit, create, delete Etc. pages in each space.

The general premise of this wiki is to make FAI commissions work publicly viewable, but when you login you may see more spaces on the dashboard than when you weren't logged in.

Spaces can be assigned to be a sub-space of another space. This is more of a cosmetic attribute than functional, sub-spaces are stand-alone spaces the same as any other space and do not inherit anything from their parent, but they are useful for organizing groups of spaces, for example all spaces belonging to a FAI commission will be organized under the commission's 'home' space.

Users may also create their own [personal space|Personal spaces].

h4. Spacekey

Each space has a unique identifier across the entire FAI wiki called the *spacekey*.

The spacekey of each top level space in the FAI wiki will generally be the acronym of a FAI commission, for example *cima*.

The FAI wiki is using a protocol that sub-space spaceKeys should start with the same acronym, so for example, the CIMA bureau's spaceKey is *cimaBureau*.

When creating a new space it is *very important* to get the spaceKey right first time because changing it later may involve the loss of some data, for example news/blog posts in a space cannot be moved to another space.

You will notice the spacekey is used in the URL to pages in spaces, for example the space key for this space is _faiWikiDocumentation._ A change of spacekey will therefore break most links pointing at the space, both internal links and ones from outside the wiki.

There are several [macros] which will take the spacekey as an argument to limit the scope of its functionality, for example:

To place a search box in a page in a space that will only return results from a space, you would use the following macro:

h4. Creating a space

Ordinary 'global' spaces can only be created by an administrator, for personal spaces, [see here|Personal spaces].

* Go to your commission's home 'top level' space, then *Space administration* \--> *Create a sub Space*.
* Choose a suitable name for the space. 
Remember to assign a spaceKey to the new space according to the protocol described above.
* In *Who can use this space?* uncheck everything.  You will assign group permissions later.  For now, only you will have permission to even view the new space.
* In Theme, select the *Adaptavist Theme Builder* which is designed to reflect the FAI overall look and feel. 
* Click *OK*.  The space will be created with a default home page for you to start work on.

Probably you do not have the correct layout with your commission's logo or spaces menu on the left.
* Go to *Space administration* \--> *Choose Layout*.
* Layouts are arranged in a tree and your commission's main layout will be under the FAI layout (eg CIMA).  Select that one, and click *Save*.

You should now set up the permissions for the space.

* Go to *Space administration* \--> *Permissions*. 
* Click any *Edit Permissions* button. 
* With reference to the [notes on permissions|permissions]:
** *Add* the appropriate groups and group permissions to the space.
** *Remove* your individual permission for the space by unchecking *view*. The wiki policy is to have no individual permissions throughout the wiki. Of course make sure you are a member of at least one of the groups you added, and one of these groups has space admin permissions, or you will lock yourself out\!
** You may want to select *view* permission to *anonymous* later, once you have created some content in the space.
** Click *save all*

h4. Moving a space

As noted above, every space is a stand-alone space with it's own permissions Etc. so moving a space is a merely cosmetic action so it appears in the correct hierarchy of menus Etc.

Go to *Space administration* \--> *Set Parent Space* and assign the correct parent space.