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The purpose of the FAI wiki documentation space is to guide users in effectively setting up and using their wiki while maintaining a global FAI 'look and feel'.

The FAI wiki is built on [Atlassian *Confluence*|]. Confluence is an enterprise wiki which enables groups to quickly collaborate on projects online.

h4. Wiki concept

The essential features of a wiki are that pages are designed to be easily editable, and a historical record is kept of all changes. The assumption is that the more people who have edit permissions the better because there is then a greater chance of information being loaded into the wiki and being accurately maintained once it is there.

Stacked on top of the basic features are lots of additional features, for example logged-in users can create personal RSS feeds or email notifications for when content is added or changed.  A powerful feature is the use of macros in wiki pages which give the editor power to automate some things, for example to create a table of contents for the page.

h4. Spaces

Confluence is organized in *[spaces]*. Spaces are indicated in the menu on the left by a globe icon. Spaces are organized by FAI commission. A main commission space may have an unlimited number of sub-spaces. 

Each logged-in user may also set up their own [personal space|Personal spaces].

h4. Users & groups

Confluence is organized to have *[users|Users]* and *[groups|User groups]*. Users log in, and the wiki knows which groups they are a member of.

h4. Permissions

[*Permissions*|Permissions] to view, create pages, edit, administer Etc. are organized by space and user group.

wiki or space administrators set up permissions for each group.

h4. Creating and editing pages

Users who are members of a group with permissions to edit pages in a space can do this very easily using an *online WYSIWYG editor*, or a [*wiki notation*|wiki notation] *editor*, or an *'edit this page in Word'* feature. 

h4. Kinds of pages

There are several kinds of page in a space; the basic page, a news (or blog) item, a comment, an attachment to a page.

h4. Macros

Besides regular text, page editors can embed [macros|Macros] in their pages which provide a large range of formatting and automation possibilities.

h4. Moving pages

If you are moving a page within a space this is really easy, simply drag and drop it in the left side menu.

If you are moving a page from one space to another, edit the page, and at the bottom click on *edit* next to *Location* and select a new parent page.