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h3. World Air Games will be in Dubai 1 - 12 December 2015
These pages are concerned with the event planning stages for both the Microlight and Paramotor events.

[Introductory summary|^2014_06_08_WAG_2015_FINAL_wo_budget_v1-0.pdf]

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h3. Planning key dates
* Organisational structure, to be submitted by 15 Aug 2014, to be approved by 31 Aug 2014
* Event venues, have been submitted and visited, to be approved by 31 Oct 2014
* Schedule/Programme, to be submitted by 15 Nov 2014, to be approved by 15 Dec 2014
* Logistics, to be submitted by 15 Dec 2014, to be approved by 15 Jan 2015

* An FAI Expert / Liaison Meeting will be held at Dubai during the DIPC (Dubai International Parachuting Championship 27 Nov.-10 Dec 2014). Exact dates to be decided, but see [|] (it is still the 2013 page, but gives some first impressions). The intention of this meeting is to work on:
** Visiting the venues
** Going through the air sport disciplines
** Confirming the schedule / programme / time-table
** Organisational issues
** Logistics (hubs to transport equipment to/from Dubai)
** Rules / regulations / selection process[Introductory summary|^2014_06_08_WAG_2015_FINAL_wo_budget_v1-0.pdf][Introductory summary|^2014_06_08_WAG_2015_FINAL_wo_budget_v1-0.pdf][Introductory summary|^2014_06_08_WAG_2015_FINAL_wo_budget_v1-0.pdf]