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Wojtek DOMAƃSKI - POL.

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General Calendar of FAI CIMA 1st Category Championship.

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*S10 Annex 2*

1.1Every year an organisation of one 1st category championships for microlights, and one 1st category championships for paramotors is granted by a CIMA plenary meeting.

1.1.1For microlights it is:

\- World Microlights Championship in each even year (2014, 2016, ...)

\- Continental Microlight Championships in each odd year (2015, 2017, ...)

1.1.2For paramotors it is:

\- World Paramotor Championship every four year starting with 2014, 

\- World Paramotor Slalom Championship every four year starting with 2015, 

\- Continental Paramotor Championships every four year starting with 2016, 

\- Continental Paramotor Slalom Championships every four year starting with 2018, 

1.2World Air Games, are excluded from the schedule mentioned in points 1.1.1 and 1.1.2, as a separate category of competition (it is not championship).

h3. Reason

World Paramotor Slalom Championships in 2013 was a successful event, which brought a big interest from pilots, from NAC's, and from media. Already with the first event of this kind a potential to be a successful 1st category FAI competition was confirmed. In this situation there are two kind of paramotor competition that qualify for FAI 1st category event; classic competition (navigation + economy + precision), and pure slalom competition.

Participation in a world or continental competition is a significant effort for pilots and/or their NAC's, not only because of expensive microlight/paramotor transport cost. It is reasonable that every year there is only one FAI 1st category competition, which make both pilots preparations, and NAC's logistics more affordable.