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h3. Proposal from

Antonio Marchesi, Spain Alternate Delegate

h3. Proposal title

Use of only the official map for the task, not allowing any other different map.

h3. Existing text


h3. New text

4.31.7 The official map, or partial copies of it, is the only one allowed to be used or carried to fly the tasks or consult it in quarantines prior or after the flight.

h3. Reason

In previous competitions, another additional item has been added to the competitor “to do list”: search the web to get more detailed maps than the official one, buy them, put it together, print  it and use it to accurate fly the navigation task.

If you are a pilot and had ever done it, you will discover that it´s easier to accurate fly a course with these maps than with the official one, normally a 1:200.000 or 1:250.000. So you get a big advantage by using this maps.

The aim is to find the better crew (in navigation and flight planning in this case) not to find the one with more resources to get detailed maps.

Getting a fully equal situation is impossible, as there are many variables that make the difference, as the visibility from the canopy, for example, but this one can be easily eliminated forcing the pilots to use the same map.

The possibility of a low quality official map can´t be an excuse to maintain the current situation. Organizers must have a proper official map to be able to organize a major event.