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*Q* How often have we got local broadcasters involved in our events?
*A* Very rarely.

*Q* Could we live broadcast events ourselves?
*A* Maybe....

This is a page to collate ideas. *Contributions welcome!*

h3. What & Why
h5. Sporting events
* FAI constituents frequently wonder 'what does FAI do for us?'. Live broadcast would help show the World what we do. Though neither live nor FAI related, [this paramotor video|] got 425,000 views in the first week of its release on youtube...

h5. Record attempts
* Big budget and extremely sophisticated with microwave links and 35 different cameras [Red Bull Stratos|] broadcast the event live on Youtube.

h5. Meetings
* Should plenary meetings be broadcast to everyone, or perhaps just to Delegates who have a proxy in the the meeting?

h3. How

* Interesting article at [|] about how they broadcast [Extreme Sailing|] live with minimal equipment.
* [Justin tv|] invented the notion of [lifecasting|]
* [Google Hangout|] possible set-up for meetings:
** A number of laptops or smart-phones with webcam and microphone are laid around the table covering as many delegates as possible. Their speaker volume must be turned to zero.
** A open conference is created among those laptops or smartphones.
** Remote delegates join the conference. As they join an open conference they will only be receivers.
** Remote delegates use chat, mail, voice or whatever to privately communicate with their proxies in the room.
** This requires a minimum bandwidth provided by the host (FAI office in this case). Both internet and local network (cable or WiFi) bandwidths must be considered.
** Homogeneous laptops or smart-phones should be used, and they should also be provided by the host.
** Thorough testing is necessary before starting the conference.
** An open conference is open to anybody who finds it in Google, not only delegates.