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h3. Proposal From:

Vladimir Silhan, Czech delegate

h3. Proposal title :

Young pilots trophy

h3. Original text:


h3. New text :
S10 4.3.5

h5. {color:#ff0000}Young pilot´s trophy{color}

{color:#ff0000}In each Championship class may be established a special sub class for young pilots (crew) no older, than XX years (In two-seater classes both members must be younger than XX years). This subclass may be valid, if more than 3 crews from at least two countries will be registered and will start in the first task. The age will be judged by age in the opening ceremony date.{color}

Note: XX shall be defined in CIMA meeting from 23 to 30

h3. Reason:

Pilots in championship are older from year to year. We may initiate some special motivation for young pilots to compete.