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The [entry form|3ABG Entry form^09.Powered Paragliding.pdf] for the Paramotor event at ABG was published by HABGOC on 2 March 2012.

It must be completed by:
* Each participant (This probably includes team officials as well).
* Each participant's 'National Federation' (NF) which is the participant's [FAI member NAC|].
* Each Participant's [National Olympic Committee|] (NOC)

The completed forms must be submitted *by your NOC* to HABGOC before *30 April 2012*, 24:00 Beijing Local Time; UTC +8.

h3. Documents

h3. Instructions on completing the entry form
It does not matter at what stage the [entry form|3ABG Entry form^09.Powered Paragliding.pdf] is printed, but a competitor could fill out the form (as much as possible) and send it to their NAC, or a NAC or NOC could fill it out, print it and fill in the rest of it manually. In any case it must be printed at some stage to be be signed and stamped by all three parties.

* *National Olympic committee Name* The NOC should fill this out.
* *NOC Code* The NOC should fill this out.
* *Family name* Of participant
* *Given name* Of participant
* *International Recognized Name(if any)* Of participant
* *Passport No.* Of participant
* *Nationality* What it says in the participant's passport.
* *Gender* Of participant
* *Height(cm)* Of participant
* *Weight(kg)* Of participant
*Date of birth* Of participant
* *Accreditation number* Of participant, your NOC should know this.
* *FAI Sporting Licence number* Of participant and issued by the NAC. This MUST be valid for *Microlights and Paramotors* for the period of the games and MUST be recorded as such in the [FAI Sporting Licence database|] (if it is working). Special arrangements are in place for athletes of OCA member nations which are not [FAI members|]. *IMPORTANT* If you are from one of these nations please get in touch with [FAI Secretariat|}] as soon as possible.
* *Events* IMPORTANT! *All pilots should check all boxes*. Since [the rules|3ABG Local regulations] expect all pilots to fly all tasks, by not checking some boxes they are only making themselves and their team less likely to win any medal.
* *Competitor's declaration* See [OCA Constitution|] and [OCA Anti-Doping Rules|]. Commercial Guidelines will presumably appear on the [official website|] at some stage before the event but Olympic rules on this sort of thing is notoriously rigorous and participants planning to fly at ABG with large advertising on their canopies should definitely request clearance from HABGOC in advance or they may not be permitted to use it.
* *Competitor signature* If you don't have a digital ID then this should be signed after printing in the normal way.
* *NOC Signature and stamp* The NOC should complete this.
* *NF Signature and stamp* The NAC should complete this.