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*All CIMA Delegates* \- please load all documents you want associated with the 2012 Plenary as attachments to this page, or add a link if it is elsewhere.

This includes items such as delegate, subcommittee and working group reports.

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* [Invitation|^CIMA 2012 Plenary Meeting - Invitation.pdf].
* [Program|^CIMA 2012 Plenary Meeting - Programme.pdf]
* [Agenda|^CIMA_Plenary_Agenda_2012_FINAL_v5.pdf].
* [Agenda ANNEX A|^ANNEX_A_CIMA_Plenary_Agenda_2012_BID TO HOST A FIRST CATEGORY EVENT IN PARAMOTOR.pdf] Bid by France to hold the 1st World Paramotor Slalom Championships
* [Agenda ANNEX B|^ANNEX_B_CIMA_Plenary_Agenda_2012_real_time_data_collection_proposal v1.pdf] Proposal to develop a real-time data collection system for competitions
* [Agenda ANNEX C|^ANNEX_C_CIMA_Plenary_Agenda_2012_intrules.pdf] Proposals for changes to internal regulations from Poland.
* [Proxy form|^FAI Proxy Text Form 2012 - ASC.doc]
* New advice on [representation|] from FAI Secretariat

h3. Documents elsewhere

* The [minutes of the meeting|] (on the FAI portal)
* [Getting to the meeting|Plenary location]
* 2011 Plenary minutes: on the FAI website: [|]
* [S10 Proposals 2012|cimaS10:2012 Proposals] or [the whole lot in one pdf|cimaS10:2012 Proposals^CIMA Plenary Agenda 2012 s10 proposals all v1.pdf]
* Status of [future championships|cima:Championships - Future]; known bidders Etc.
* [FAI Anti doping plan 2012-13|cimaBureau:Anti doping 2013]. *Important* The latest developments mean some important decisions will need to be made by the plenary even though there is nothing about this in the Agenda.
* [A vote on internet voting|cima:Vote on internet voting] ref. item 4 in [Agenda ANNEX C|^ANNEX_C_CIMA_Plenary_Agenda_2012_intrules.pdf]
* [WPC 2012 Jury report|cima:2012 WPC Marugán^WPC2012_Jury_Report.pdf]
* [WMC & WPC 2012 Organizer report|cima:2012 WMC Marugán^WMC-WPC-2012 Organiser report.pdf] - View from inside, interesting for future organisers
* [WPC 2014 Hungary bid|]

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{sorted-children:cimaBureau:2012 Business}

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