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h1. World Microlight Championships 2012

Marugán, Segovia, Spain, 7-18 August

Classes in competition: *AL1*, *AL2*, *WL1*, *WL2*, *GL1*, *GL2*.
Class GL2 (two seater microlight autogyros) competed for the first time in the history of FAI Championships.

Visit the [Virtual Official Board|] for full information on [competitors|], [task details|], [tracks on Google Earth|], [scores|]...

The Official Website before the competition was [|]


h2. Championship Officers

| Event Director | *María Jesús JIMÉNEZ* |
| Competition Director | *José Luis ESTEBAN* |
| Deputy Competition Director | *Miguel MONZÓN* |
| Monitor | *Richard MEREDITH-HARDY* (GBR) |
| International Jury | *Tomas BACKMAN* (SWE), President \\ *Wolfgang LINTL* (GER) \\ *Grant FINNEY* (GBR) |
| Steward | *Roland Schneider* (GER) |


h2. Documents

* [Local Regulations|^WMC2012 Local Regulations.pdf]
* [Task Catalogue|^WMC2012 Task Catalogue.pdf]
* [Jury president's report|cimaPlenaries:2012 documents & reports^Jury presidents report WMC 2012.pdf]
* [Organiser's report|^WMC-WPC-2012 Organiser report.pdf]