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Every ASC has highly complex methods for adding a result to the input of a competition entry list.

There is no future for these methods to be necessarily installed on FAI servers, though they could be.


# FAI should make the entry data available to the ASC software developer in a secure manner [via the API|cima:4. Open data format and API]
# ASC software calculates the results (eg for competition or ranking) and posts it back in a secure manner to FAI [via the API|cima:4. Open data format and API] where it is [permanently stored|cima:2. Centralized data storage system].
# FAI website displays the results in the [appropriate interface|cima:3. Key FAI interfaces].

This lets the ASC rapidly develop their own systems without the delays of writing long specifications to third party developers hired (at some expense) by FAI.

Should FAI decide some of this work should be done in-house (eg for WAG) then it can use exactly the same system of data in and out.