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If athletes were registered in the ABG accreditation system before *11 February 2012* then the resulting Asian Beach Games Identity and Accreditation Cards (ABGIAC) can also be used as a visa to enter China in conjunction with a valid passport, valid from 20 May 2012 to 10 July 2012.

This does not affect the existing deadlines of:
* Registration on sports category and athletes number -- 24:00, 29 February 2012 (UTC \+8 Beijing Local Time)
* Registration on sports tasks and athletes names -- 24:00, 30 April 2012 (UTC \+8 Beijing Local Time)

But it does mean that athletes and other team personnel who are registered after the deadline will have to apply for, and pay for a Chinese visa in the normal way.

h5. Registration procedure:

* Information about ABG accreditation can be found in the Accreditation guide at [] and [Instructions on Completing the Accreditation Application Form|3ABG Accreditation^Instructions on Completing the Accreditation Application Form.pdf] but only your National Olympic Committee (NOC) can actually register athletes and other participants in the Asian Beach Games.
* For this purpose your NOC has been sent a login into the ABG online accreditation system.
* It is a requirement that all athletes in the Powered Paragliding (Paramotor) event at ABG have a valid FAI Sporting Licence. It is FAI NACs responsibility to issue these, and means NACs should recommend team members in the Powered Paraglider event to their NOC for them to approve and submit each accreditation.
* To prevent delay, NACs should assemble all the required information about each participant they will be recommending before they send it to their NOC.

h5. Required information

The information your NOC will need to insert into the accreditation system is as follows:

# Sport (= Powered Paragliding)
# Category
## NOC Athlete,
## For other NOC categories (team leader, accompanying guest Etc.) please discuss this with your NOC.
# Family Name
# Given Name
# Name in Chinese Characters (Required only for Chinese athletes)
# Gender
# Date of Birth
# Nationality
# Country / Region of Birth
# Photo (Electronic Version, see *Photo requirement* below)
# ID Document:
## Type; (eg passport)
## Number;
## Expiry Date;
## Scanned Copy of id document, (.jpeg format)
# Permanent Address (Detailed)
# Current Address (Detailed)

h5. Item 10 Photo requirement:

# The photos must be taken recently (within 6 months) in colour with face square on to the camera, in sharp focus, clear and un-retouched with no smears or creases.
# The background of the photos should be either white or light blue. The boundary between the person and the background should be identifiable.
# Head coverings, such as caps, scarves and hair bands, and sun-glasses are not permitted in photos except for religious or medical reasons.
# The photo should be with the face centred and eyes looking straight ahead.
# The image format should be jpeg. The ratio of width to height should be 3 to 4.

h3. Documents