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h3. Internet Presence Working Group - 2011 Activity Report

This temporary WG was established during the 2009 CIMA Meeting. The CIMA Wiki was then installed, populated and permissions given to CIMA delegates. The 2010 CIMA Meeting decided that the WG should continue to maintain and develop the wiki.

The members of the WG are

* José Luis Esteban (ESP) Chairman
* Richard Meredith-Hardy (GBR)
* Faustine Carrera (FAI Secretariat)

h4. Wiki Activity

During the last 12 months, 1st Nov 2011 to 1st Nov 2011, there have been no major technical changes in the CIMA Wiki. However, 114 new pages have been created in the wiki, compared to the 78 created before that period.

This table summarises the number of wiki pages created each month:


The weekly number of views is shown in the graph provided by Google Analytics:


The peak on the left corresponds to the 2010 CIMA Meeting.

And this figure shows the visiting countries, also from Google Analytics:


Delegates are encouraged to contribute to the Wiki and to create their own personal spaces including CIMA-related activities.

[!NewFaiWebSite.png|border=1,align=right, height=200!|]

h4. FAI Web Site

During last months the [main FAI web site|] has been completely revamped. A new content manager installed and credentials given to members of each FAI commission, including the members of this WG.

However, we must admit having been idle in the task of uploading contents to the new site. Current members expect to find new volunteers during next CIMA Meeting.

h4. FAI Expert Groups

During the May meeting of the FAI Air Sport Commission Presidents with the FAI Executive Board there was a proposal to create a system of 10 FAI Expert Groups to cover important themes (Safety, Regulation, Aviation Medicine, Education, Airspace & Navigation, Infrastructure, Environment, New Technologies, Marketing & Communication, Information Technologies);

Two members of this WG were invited to be part of two of those expert groups. Richard Meredith-Hardy for the Information Technology Experts Group and José Luis Esteban for the Technology Experts Group.

A round of contacts was held trying to schedule meetings during last Summer, but it was not possible. Nothing else has happened so far.