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All CIMA Delegates - please load all documents you want associated with the 2010 Plenary as attachments to this page, or add a link if it is elsewhere.

This includes items such as delegate, subcommittee and working group reports.

Attachments are easily loaded when you are logged in, - go to the bottom of this page or Edit -- new -- Attachment or Tools -- Attachments

Documents elsewhere

  • CIMA Bureau report
  • [CIMA Bureau business 2010]
  • [CIMA Bureau Sanction fees review]
  • [CIMA Bureau Vision for the future]
  • CIMA flight recorders Sub-committee (FRAC) report
  • [CIMA Internal regulations WG - Latest draft 6|cimaInternalRegulations:Home^Internal regulations DRAFT 6.pdf]
  • CIMA Internet presence WG report
  • [CIMA Microlight committee 2010 meeting Agenda|cimaMicrolight:Home^AGENDA microlight sub-committee 2010.pdf]
  • [CIMA Paramotor committee 2010 meeting Agenda|cimaParamotor:Home^ParamotorSubcommitteeAgenda2010_v2.pdf]
  • CIMA Paramotor precision WG report
  • [CIMA Ranking System WG report]
  • [CIMA S10 proposals]
  • [EMC 2010 Jury president's report|cimaEMC2010:EMC 2010 home^EMC 2010 Jury President's Report.pdf]
  • [EMC 2010 Steward's report (1)|cimaEMC2010:EMC 2010 home^STEWREP10.pdf]
  • [EMC 2010 Steward's report (2)|cimaEMC2010:EMC 2010 home^Rev1_EMC2010_STEWREP_RS.pdf]
  • [WMC 2011 documents] and
  • [WPC 2011 documents]
  • WAG [Microlights] and [Paramotors]

Documents attached to this page

There are currently no attachments on this page.

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