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World League Cup WG

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The Continental League Cup Working Group was established by the 2010 CIMA Plenary, this became the World League Cup Working Group at the 2011 Plenary.

Members of this working group

  • Wojtek DOMANSKI (POL) Chairman
  • Agust Gudmundsson (ISL)
  • Paap KOLAR (EST)

Objectives of the Working Group

  • To start work immediately on introducing a Continental League Cup system for Paramotors ready for the 2011 season.
  • So organizers have plenty of time to integrate their events into the league, and pilots have plenty of time to organize their FAI licences, by the end of January 2011 it shall have:
    • Produced a simple set of working rules and application forms based on the concepts contained in the original Continental Paramotor League Cup proposal accepted by the 2010 Plenary.
    • Produced a method of maintaining and displaying the league tables.
    • Worked out procedures for payments and FAI Licence checking in cooperation with FAI Secretariat.
  • From February 2011 onwards it shall maintain the League tables.
  • The WG shall prepare a report to the CIMA Plenary. The report should include:
    • A proposal for a definitive set of rules to be permanently included in FAI Section 10.
    • A recommendation regarding the inclusion of microlights in future years.
    • A recommendation on how the League Cup system may be further developed, eg to incorporte a World Ranking system like the CIVL model.

Powers of the Working Group

The WG has the power to alter the rules it has set during the course of the season (though not retrospectively) if it sees, or anticipates, things happening contrary to the concepts contained in the proposal accepted by the CIMA Plenary.

Working Group Documents

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