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CIMA World League Cup

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The purpose of the CIMA World League Cup space is to develop and maintain all matters pertaining to the World League Cup system.

WLC is administered by the [CIMA World League Cup Working Group].


Originally conceived as a Continental League Cup by the 2010 CIMA Plenary in a Proposal by Poland it was partially successful in the 2010-11 season but suffered from no means of simple sanction fee payment. A [comprehensive review|World League Cup WG^ELC 2011-analysis(incl.Baltic).pdf] was presented to the 2011 Plenary which decided to continue the project, and expand it to a World level which would have the effect of allowing pilots from continents with only one or two events to participate in events in other continents on an equal basis.

WLC Working group

Wojtek DOMANSKI (POL) Chairman

WLC Results

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