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CIMA Delegates

Each FAI member may appoint a delegate to CIMA: List of CIMA delegates on the FAI portal

CIMA Bureau

The highest authority in CIMA is the Plenary which meets annually, it appoints the [Bureau] to manage its affairs for the rest of the year.

CIMA sub-committees

CIMA maintains a number of permanent sub-committees:

CIMA working groups

CIMA maintains a number of working groups which are dissolved once their work is done.

CIMA delegates to FAI technical commissions

FAI Technical Commission CIMA Delegate
Medical Commission (CIMP) Wolfgang LINTL (CIMA President)
Aerospace Education Commission (CIEA) No delegate from CIMA
Environmental Commission (EnvC) Tom GUNNARSON (USA)

FAI Secretariat

All FAI commissions are supported by the Secretariat in Lausanne

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