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Championships - Future

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Future Championships

Current status of future FAI Cat. 1 microlight and paramotor championships.
See also:

2019 Microlight LTU
Ignalina (EYIG) Lithuania EMC 15th European Microlight Championships Bid accepted at the 2018 plenary
2019 Paramotor  
EPC 7th European Paramotor Championships  
2019 Paramotor     AOPC 4th FAI Asia - Oceania Paramotor Championships India?
2020 Paramotor TUR   WAG 5th FAI World Air Games  
2020 Microlight TUR   WAG 5th FAI World Air Games
2020 Microlight CZE Hosin WMC [17th World Microlight Championships] Bid accepted at the 2018 Plenary
2020 Paramotor     WPC 11th FAI World Paramotor Championships Brasil?
2020 Paramotor     WPSC 4th FAI World Paramotor Slalom Championships
2020 Paramotor     WPEC 1st FAI World Paramotor Endurance Championships Estonia?
2021 Microlight     EMC 16th European Microlight Championships  
2021 Paramotor     EPC 8th European Paramotor Championships Belgium?
2021 Paramotor     AOPC 5th FAI Asia - Oceania Paramotor Championships  

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