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Championships - Future

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Future Championships

Current status of future FAI Cat. 1 microlight and paramotor championships.
See also:

2018 Paramotor INA Jakarta AG 18th Asian Games
  • Might include paramotors?
2018 Paramotor IND Goa ABG 6th Asian Beach Games 
  • Might include paramotors?
2018 Microlight     WMC 16th World Microlight Championships
  • No bids yet received.
2018 Paramotor THA Pasak Jolasid Dam, Lopburi WPC [10th FAI World Paramotor Championships]
  • Bid accepted by the 2015 Plenary
  • Formal notification from THA NAC yet to be received
  • OA to be signed at or before 2016 Plenary
  • Local regs & Task catalogue to be submitted in time for the 2016 Plenary agenda deadline
  • Nominations for officials are open
2018 Paramotor     EPSC 3rd FAI European Paramotor Slalom Championships 
  • No bids yet received.

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