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2015 WPSC

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2nd FAI World Paramotor Slalom Championships

Country: Poland

Date: 25.06.2015 - 5.07.2014

Location: Legnica airfield coordinates: N 0511057 E 0161040
The airfield is about 100 hectares in area, and the concrete strip is 1600 m x 40 m

Classes in competition: PF1, PF1f, PL1, PF2, PL2

Official website: TBA

Group mailing list TBA

Championship Officers

Event Director: Dariusz Kiełkowski / POL
Competition Director: Adam Paska / POL
Deputy Competition Director: Krzysztof Kaczyński / POL
Chief Marshal: Tomasz Surma / POL
Monitor Joel AMIABLE (FRA)
International Jury Wolfgang LINTL (GER),
Richard SHAW (GBR), Jana BOBKOVA (CZE)
Stewards Oskar MISTRI (ITA)


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