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2013 EPC Otepää - Palupera, Estonia

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European Paramotor Championships 2013

Otepää - Palupera, Estonia 23 May to 2 June 2013

Classes in competition: PF1, PF1f, PF2, PL1, PL2

Official website TBA

Group mailing list TBA

Championship Officers

Event Director: Ott Maaten (EST)
Competition Director: Renatas Samulenas (LIT)
Deputy Competition Director:  
Chief Marshal: Aare Vanari (EST)
Monitor Wojtek Domanski (POL)
International Jury  

Preferred applicants will be based in the European region.
The final choice of officials will be made at the 2012 CIMA Plenary

One monitor, three jury and one or two stewards are required for a CIMA sanctioned Category 1 event. Refer to Annex 5 of Section 10 the FAI Sporting Code for an overview of Jury and Steward duties. The monitor is appointed as an expert adviser to the organizer and point of liaison between the organizer and CIMA in the lead up to the event. In return, the organizer must fund the travel, accommodation and subsistence of all FAI officials, the monitor will normally make at least one visit to the competition site approximately three months before the event and the others must be at the competition site for the duration of the competition.


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