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This FAQ attempts to describe the World League Cup in simpler terms than the formal rules.

What organizers need to do to participate in WLC.

  1. Ask your NAC's CIMA Delegate to place your event in a CIMA Wiki web calendar (45 days before competition).
  2. Transfer sanction fee via Paypal to FAI (45 days before competition)

What pilots need to do to participate in WLC.

  1. Get a FAI Sporting Licence
  2. (optionally) Join an elective team

How to establish an elective team

A dedicated 'WLC elective team' selection item will be installed on the paypal page soon.
In the meantime:

Go to the web page: and enter the following data:

  • Title of event: nnn - Elective Team
  • Event date: WLC 2012
  • Sport: Paramotor World League Cup
  • Country: ccc


  • nnn is a name of your Elective Team
  • ccc is a name of a country where sponsor of Elective Team is located, although in this case it is not important.

The whole-season fee for an elective team is EUR 75.

What the WLC is all about.

The WLC brings the results of National Championships together to find a World League Champion each year.

How WLC works.

Participating event organizers provide their results to CIMA and they are tabulated to show the current status of every participating pilot.

Why WLC is good for organizers.

Events get into the WLC calendar and qualify as a FAI Category 2 event in the FAI Calendar. The WLC system encourages pilots to travel to those events (and pay entry fees).

Why WLC is good for pilots.

There is a tangible result at the end of each season; who is the best pilot?

Why WLC is good for manufacturers and other sponsors

Sponsors can create 'elective teams' into which they invite pilots, these team results are tabulated the same as individual results.

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