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3ABG Local regulations

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Local regulations are the rules for the Paramotor competition of the Asian Beach Games.

They include the task catalogue.

They are presently in FINAL 4.4 form.

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Changes from final version 4.3 to final version 4.4 (26 Apr 2012)
Addition of a glossary of penalty codes used by the scoring system.

Changes from final version 4.2 to final version 4.3 (28 Mar 2012)
Fixed duplicate provision number, so Team Scores becomes and Ties becomes

Changes from final version 4.1 to final version 4.2 (2 Mar 2012)

Improved the brief overview of the competition format.

Changes from draft 4 to final version 4.1 (1 Mar 2012)

Added a brief overview of the competition format.

Changes from drafts 3 to 4 (22 Feb 2012)

Added required 3rd party insurance min value as RMB 50,000
Added the ‘5 minute rule’ from S10
Penalties. Clarified.
Clarified the penalty scoring.
P2 – P9
Clarified the penalty scoring.
deleted ‘Circulating in the circuit pattern the wrong way.’ as this is a general penalty in
E1 & E2
Clarified the penalty scoring.
Added a note on the 5 minute rule.
Deleted ‘Flying back across a ‘line of no return’ as this is a general penalty in

Added a minimum age of 18 years on the first day of competition.

Added by Richard Meredith-Hardy Last edited by Richard Meredith-Hardy on 26 Apr, 2012 12:27. Quick links: or 3ABG Local regulations
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