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2011 WMCup Villamartín

World Microlight Cup 2011

Villamartín, Cádiz, Spain, 8-16 October

Classes in competition: AL2, WL1+WL2 (merged), GL2

The 2011 World Microlight Championships organised by Israel were cancelled at a very late stage so at the very last minute Spain stepped in to organize a World Cup which was a category 2 event at which no FAI medals could be awarded.
Four countries participated: Poland, Czech Republic, France and Spain with a total of 22 aircraft and 42 pilots or copilots.

Championship Officers

Organisers Roberto Goltzman, Vuela Cádiz flight school
Antonio Marchesi, Royal Spanish Air Sports Federation
Event Director Roberto Goltzman
Competition Director
José Luis Esteban
Chief Marshal Sergio Esteban
International Jury
"in the cloud"
Rob Hughes (GBR)
Jacek Kibinski (POL)
Vladimir Silhan (CZE)

Documents and links

Original website

Task Catalogue

Flight tracks

Director's Report

Task results

Task Date Name AL2 WL GL2
01 12 Oct Curve Navigation AL2-01 WL-01 GL2-01
02 12 Oct Powered Precision Landing AL2-02 WL-02 GL2-02
03 12 Oct Area Triangle and Speed AL2-03 WL-03 GL2-03
04 13 Oct Precision Landing AL2-04 WL-04 GL2-04
05 13 Oct Duration AL2-05 WL-05 GL2-05
06 14 Oct Navigation with Unknown Legs AL2-06 WL-06 GL2-06
07 14 Oct Powered Precision Landing AL2-07 WL-07 GL2-07
08 14 Oct Precision Navigation AL2-08 WL-08 GL2-08
09 15 Oct Precision Navigation With Arcs AL2-09 WL-09 GL2-09
10 15 Oct Powered Precision Landing AL2-10 WL-10 GL2-10
11 15 Oct Precision Landing AL2-11 WL-11 GL2-11
12 15 Oct Precision Landing AL2-12 WL-12 GL2-12
    Overall Scores AL2 WL GL2

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