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report of Slalomania by René Verschueren

Report  SLALOMANIA by René Verschueren,member of the CIMA precision comitee
 First of all, it was a success!!
 I thank specially Joël Amiable an Patrice Girardin who have do it.And of course the FFPLUM and voluntary, without them it couldn't be exist.
 All the pilots enjoy those slalom, especialy the triangle and the "y". See result on this link: protest were done.This kind of race is very rapid. For 33 pilots, the organisators needs only 45 min. to achieve 1 race. In one half day they have make untill 5 races including changing 2 time the configuration.
 Below, I'll do my report in 3 axes : 1 space, materials and number of voluntary.2 problems and solutions3 suggestion or to improve
 1 space, materials and number of voluntary:
 Space: the location was well chosed: - big airfield with grass, 2 run way- weather : in september usualy the wind is calm in this area- camping and bungalow just next the airfield ( Pilots must to walk only 50 meters from their sleeping bag)- restaurant on the field
 matérials:- different kind of Pylons : 6, 9 an 12 meters,  2 ways to inflate them: electic and thermical + enough spare in case of break- 2 infra red cells to have less than 1/100 second in time and a board for spectators; the organisator have rent the same IR cells like in rally , Ski etc.. with the peopel able to manage it and give experience to the volunteer of FFPLUM in case of buying.- a lot of electric cables- in amount, the organisators have printed all the needs for pilots: rules, stickers with numbers, medails etc...- a lot of radios to comunicate with marchals and directors- 4 kwads- 4 vans
 Number of volunteers:2 persons by pylons so for the 'y' 8 persons2 persons tho see the number of pilot in approach and give it to the board1/2 persons on the flags to say OK for the permission to the pilot to make the race3 persons on the board ( IR system, printing result, secretary...)2 persons for take-off and giving the place into the race1 person for landing 2 persons for facility / infrastructure1 doctor5 emergency peopel and/or firefighterstotal: 26
 2 problems and solutions
    Some pylons where cut or destroy, hopely the organisator have spare.
-The manufacture must to rethink on the connection base/Pylon, base-link to ground.
-Thinking for one base who be tracted on ground with water for the lest. Organisator will be more reactif in case on changing wind direction and
    reduce time when changing configuration.
- marking the ground before in 2 - 3 way different ( wind direction )
- using cars/vans/kwads to tract the pylons
    Like other championschip, if the landing is different than take off :
- use a big flat trailer ( if you have your paramotor + wing so +/- 35-40kg to deplace it's boring and you lose concentration and physical condition )
    As you've see upper, you need a lot of persons and materials.
- find a lot of sponsors ( easy to say, i know...)
 3 suggestions or to improve
The 15 Pilots who were in the "cut " would like to make a race 2 by 2 so it was provided but a material problem have impose to make it only one by one and doing the triangle.
- May be improve the 2 pilots take-off in same time when green flag, so first come back win.
- testing 2 line with a waiting zone close from the IR chrono and when green flag, the best time achived win so the 2 pilots are nearly in the same conditions
On my opinion, the first suggestion is the most rapid and most spectacular for visitors. take-off and landing is a part of our sport.
Thanks to have read it compleetly,
Best regards,
René Verschueren

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