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Information for new users

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Once you have been granted a login to the FAI wiki, here are some suggestions for getting started

Your personal configuration.

  • Login The current user name is in the top right of the screen. If you are not logged in then you are an anonymous user. Click on anonymous to get the login menu.
  • Set your personal profile. Now you are logged in, your name should be in the top right of the screen. Click on this to see your personal options; click on Profile. Here you can:
    • Reset your password to something more memorable.
    • Load a picture of yourself
    • Click on edit to edit your personal details such as email address, telephone number, Etc. Please retain a description of your position, Eg Delegate to a commission representing a country so everyone knows who you are, but you're welcome to add to it. In the company section it is suggested you put something appropriate like 'Delegate' in the position field, your FAI commission in the department field and your country in the Location field.
    • Set your timezone In the settings tab (or settings from your personal menu).
    • Set your language System menus Etc. can be displayed in English, French or German. In the settings tab (or settings from your personal menu).
    • Set your site homePage The default is Dashboard and you may prefer to set it to your commission's home page. In the settings tab (or settings from your personal menu).
    • Get notified The wiki offers various ways to to be notified of changes in the wiki in RSS feeds or by email. The simplest is to Subscribe to daily updates by email. In the settings tab --> Email (or settings from your personal menu --> Email).
  • Set up a personal space. Please see about personal spaces. In your personal menu --> Create personal space.

Explore the wiki.


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