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2012 3rd Asian Beach Games

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The [3rd Asian Beach Games|] are now over, 31 Pilots from 7 Nations participated and it can be concluded the Paramotor event was a great success. There were no protests, which has only ever happened in a Cat 1 Paramotor event [once before|].

Reports and photos of the day to day action can be found at the [FAI portal|] and related articles.

A full set of results are included [here on the wiki|^ABG Powered Paragliding all results.pdf] or at and they have been included in the [2012 WLC|].

*A big thankyou must be extended to:*
* [OCA|] for agreeing to include Paramotors in the ABG for the first time. It is to be hoped this is just the start of a fruitful relationship which will get us included in future ABG events, next one being Phuket, Thailand in November 2014.
* HABGOC, the organizing committee for providing an excellent infrastructure and an incredible number of volunteers, even if the security was a bit excessive to the extent that we had very few spectators.
* Air Sports Federation of China, in particular Madame Li, President of ASFC, Mr WANG Yong Li, Head of Department, and Mr ZHANG Wei, Competition director, who provided a really excellent team of marshals to run the competition.
* [Swiss Timing|], In particular Matthias, Pavel and Radek, who showed us how instant live scoring can really add value to events like this.
* FAI President John Grubbstrom who was present at most of the event, Rob Hughes, Senior Sports Manager at FAI Secretariat who acted as Jury President and gave detailed Jury training to Steven Streshta (NEP) and Rohaizi Md Hussin (MAS).

Nearly all of the rest of the information in this section of the wiki is of a pre-event nature but is retained as a historical record which may be referred to should Paramotors be included in future Asian Beach Games.


FAI is recognized by the IOC and hence OCA as the World governing body for all airsports and is therefore responsible for providing the rules and technical assistance for this event; which it is doing via CIMA, the FAI Air Sport Commission responsible for Microlights and Paramotors, whose President Richard Meredith-Hardy has been appointed by the FAI as Technical Delegate to the Local Organising Committee (HABGOC).

The Powered Paragliders (Paramotors) event at the 3rd Asian Beach Games will most probably be is based on the principles adopted for the FAI World Air Games 2009, which focused on short, media\- and public-attractive tasks.

*This section of the wiki will be updated as and when there is more news and information available for Pilots and NACs interested to compete in the 3rd Asian Beach Games.*
* *As soon as possible*: NACs to get in touch with their respective National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and request the NOC registers an interest with HABGOC to enter a team in the event.

* *November 2011*: Task catalogue and other details of the event will be published.

* *31 December 2011* [Accreditation deadline|otherCIMAevents:Accreditation] *very important* to save participants having to get a Chinese visa.
* *11 February 2011* [Accreditation deadline|3ABG Accreditation] *very important* to save participants having to get a Chinese visa. It appears still possible to submit entries after this date but applicants must obtain their Chinese Visa at their expense in the normal way.

* *31 January 2012*: Deadline for team member names to be supplied by NOCs to HABGOC.
* *1 March 2012*: Deadline for comments on the [Local Regulations and Task Catalogue|3ABG Local regulations].

* *30 April 2012*: Final registration on sports tasks and athletes names (24:00 Beijing Local Time; UTC +8) *This requires positive action from pilots, NACs and NOCs to complete the [Entry form|3ABG Entry form]*

* *16 to 22 June 2012*: 3rd Asian Beach Games, Haiyang, China.

A number = number of medal ceremonies that day.

Therefore the Powered Paragliding event is 5 days sunday - thursday with 4 medal ceremonies on the thursday.
Therefore the Powered Paragliding event is 5 competition days Sunday - Thursday with 4 medal ceremonies on the Thursday.

| | Sat | Sun | Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri |
| June 2012\\ | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 |
| *Day* | *Sat* | *Sun* | *Mon* | *Tue* | *Wed* | *Thu* | *Fri* |
| *Date in June 2012* | *16* | *17* | *18* | *19* | *20* | *21* | *22* |
| Opening Ceremony | X | \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ |
| Beach Basketball | \\ | X \\ | X | X2 | \\ | \\ | \\ |
| Sport Climbing | \\ | \\ | \\ | X \\ | X4 | X4 | \\ |
| Windsurfing | \\ | X | X \\ | X \\ | X | X2 | \\ |
| Waterski/wakeboard | \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ | X | X2 | X2 |
| Closing  Ceremony | \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ | X |
| TOTAL GOLD MEDALS/DAY | \\ | 6 | 6 | 6 | 8 | 135 | 6 8 |

!abg logo 2.jpg|align=right, vspace=4!

h3. Key facts

* There is no Athlete entry fee, but there will be expenses in the form of the Athletes Village accommodation fee (approx. USD 50 per day) and the cost of getting to the Games and home again.

* China has a first class reputation for organizing these sorts of events, the 2007 World Paramotor Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games were both hugely succesful which makes this an event not to be missed\!
* China has a first class reputation for organizing these sorts of events, the 2007 World Paramotor Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games were both hugely succesful. Haiyang city [claims to be spending RMB1.97 billion|] in infrastructure for the games.

* Giant (12m) inflatable pylons will be used in some tasks which really give spectators a really good '3D' impression of where pilots are going.

* !swiss_timing.jpg|border=0, align=right, vspace=4! [Swiss Timing|], possibly the largest operators of their kind in the World, will be providing a real-time scoring and display system which gives us a great opportunity to really show how exciting Paramotor competition really is!

h3. More information

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