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WAG 2011 cancelled

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h3. Announcement by the FAI President 16 June 2010
*Announcement by the FAI President 16 June 2010*

_As you know (see our e-mail of 23 January 2010), following the decision of the City of Odense not to host the 2011 Games, the Executive Board decided to evaluate alternative options and the FAI Secretariat established further contacts in various countries. Thanks to the support of the Royal Danish Aero Club, talks have been initiated with the City of Herning (DEN), resulting in an evaluation visit and a formal proposal from the local municipality to host the 2011 Games._

_Yet, considering the current uncertain economic situation, the tight proposed budget and the limited time remaining, the FAI Executive Board and the Presidents of the FAI Air Sport Commissions came to the conclusion that staging the World Air Games in 2011 would expose the City of Herning and the FAI to significant financial and organisational risks, and decided to cancel the World Air Games 2011._

_The FAI Secretariat will now start working on the 2013 Games project, in order to launch the bid process in autumn 2010 and to award the organisation of the next Games by June/July 2011 at the latest. Further information will be provided during the next General Conference to be held in October 2010 in Dublin._

_The FAI Executive Board is confident that the experience gathered last year in Turin will be a strong basis to continue developing the World Air Games as a platform to promote all FAI Air Sports._

With my best regards
_With my best regards_

_FAI President_

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