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Entering the quarantine pilots will receive:
* A map with the following information:
** Course to follow formed by straight and/or arc lines drawn on a map with a given width, forming an “corridor”.
** The course to reach the SP and return from the FP to the airport.
** Location of the start point (SP) and the finish point (FP).
SP and FP times will be calculated at the aircraft declared ground speed in the registration form.

Time gates width at the SP and FP will be 0.6 NM (0.3 right and left from the SP/ FP).

h3. Reason

AIR NAV RACE (ANR) is a simple but challenging navigation competition depeloped by GAC members (with several successful international competitions) that in Spain is working very well to compete together GA and ULM aircrafts (in this competitions the navigation tasks are combined with precision landings). Scoring is automatic and tracks (normally with the course plotted but without the map) and real time scoring can be shown in a screen for public in the airfield or broadcasted using GPS / GSM transmitters. To give the opportunity to organizer for using this system to promote our competitions (as it is easily broadcasted) must be included in the task catalogue.

The task could seem too simple but if the course is complex enough with short legs and enough turns it makes the difference and it is very fun to fly even to high level competitors.

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