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01 Delete normalization of time in championship records

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on 28 Apr, 2020 12:20.

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Today, CIMA defines only one championship record to which S10 3.17.5 could apply, *S10 Endurance with Limited Fuel.* In this type of record, better is longer (not shorter, like with the slaloms), and the elapsed time is likely to be quite long; 30 min or more.

Even if S10 did say the performance had to must be normalized, which it doesn't, then given that the pilot is positively looking for external sources of energy to extend the performance eg thermal or hill lift, and will likely be at considerable height variations (= temp & press) during the flight, the actual temp & press on the ground at the championship site is of very little significance to a performance.

In the interests of simplification this provision can safely be deleted as no longer required in S10.

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