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CIMA WAG microlights subcommittee

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h3. Members of this subcommittee:

* *Wolfgang Lintl* LINTL* (GER), Chairman & {html}<acronym title="World Air Games Liaison Officer">WAG LO</acronym>{html}
* *Paul Dewhurst* (GBR)
* *Tormod Veiby* (NOR)
* *Vladimir Silhan* (CZE)
* *Jacek Kibinski* (POL)
* *Paul DEWHURST*&nbsp;(GBR)
* *Tormod VEIBY*&nbsp;(NOR)
* *Vladimir SILHAN*&nbsp;(CZE)
* *Jacek KIBINSKI*&nbsp;(POL)

h3. News

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