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* *Login* The current user name is in the top right of the screen. If you are not logged in then you are an *anonymous* user. Click on *anonymous* to get the login menu.
* *Set your personal profile*. When logged in, your name should be in the top right of the screen. Click on this to see your personal menu; click on *Profile*. Here you can:
** *Reset your password* to something more memorable. In the *profile* tab \--> Password (or *profile* from your personal menu \--> Password).
** *Load a picture of yourself*. In the *profile* tab \--> Picture (or *profile* from your personal menu \--> Picture).
** In the *profile* tab \--> click on *edit* to *edit your personal details* such as email address, telephone number, Etc.
*** Please retain a description of your position, Eg _Delegate to a commission representing a country_ so everyone knows who you are, but you're welcome to add to it.
*** In the *company* section it is suggested you put something appropriate like 'Delegate' in the _position_ field, your FAI commission in the _department_ field and your country in the _Location_ field.
** *Set your timezone* In the *settings* tab (or *settings* from your personal menu).
** *Set your language* System menus Etc. can be displayed in *English*, *French* or *German*. In the *settings* tab (or *settings* from your personal menu).
** *Set your site homePage* The default is {link-to:dashboard}Dashboard{link-to} and you may prefer to set it to your commission's home page. In the *settings* tab (or *settings* from your personal menu).
** *Get notified* The wiki offers various ways to to be notified of changes in the wiki in {link-to:rss feed builder}RSS feeds{link-to} or by email.
*** The simplest is to *Subscribe to daily updates* by email. In the *settings* tab \--> Email (or *settings* from your personal menu \--> Email).
* *Set up a personal space*. Please see [about personal spaces|personal spaces]. In your personal menu \--> *Create personal space*.

{tip:Security}Only people who are logged in (people in the {link-to:people Directory}people Directory{link-to}) can see your personal profile information, anonymous users cannot ever see it.
You can choose to set your personal space so it can be seen by anonymous users.

h4. Lost your password or user name?

*Do not worry*
* Your user name will almost certainly be your name in the format *initial _space_ family-name* *initial* *{_}space{_}* *family-name* in *lower case*. Thus it is simple to guess that a person named Joe Bloggs will have a user name of 'j bloggs'. 'j bloggs'.
* It is easy to get a new password:
** At top right it says 'Anonymous'. This is the name of anyone not logged in.
** Click on 'Anonymous', a menu item 'Log in' appears - click on it.
*** Click on *Forgot your password?*
** If 'Forgot your password?' just enter your username (remember it will probably have a space in it) OR your email address and a NEW password will be sent to you by email which you can use to login.
** Passwords and user names are CASE SENSITIVE\!

h4. Explore the wiki.

* The wiki is laid out in [Spaces] and sub-spaces. Generally a FAI commission will have one top level space and a number of sub-spaces. Wiki users may also have set up their own [personal space|personal spaces].
* The root of all global spaces is the {link-to:dashboard}Dashboard{link-to} and there is a link to this in the _breadcrumbs_ 'trail' at the top of every wiki page.
* You can access users' personal spaces from the main menu: view \--> other pages \--> people directory.
* Depending on the [groups|User groups] you are a member of you will have more [permissions] in some spaces than others. By default everyone is a member of the *confluence-users* group and by default members of this group have permission to view and make comments on every page. You have total control over your personal space.
* The entire list of spaces in the wiki is:

h4. Enjoy\!

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