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h4. Lost your password or user name?
*Do not worry*
* Your user name will almost certainly be your name in the format *initial _space_ family-name* in *lower case*. Thus it is simple to guess that a person named Joe Bloggs will have a user name of 'j bloggs'.
* It is easy to get a new password:
** At top right it says 'Anonymous'. This is the name of anyone not logged in.
** Click on 'Anonymous', a menu item 'Log in' appears - click on it.
** Either:
*** Enter your username and password to login
** Or:
*** Click on *Forgot your password?*
** If 'Forgot your password?' just enter your username (remember it will probably have a space in it) OR your email address and a NEW password will be sent to you by email which you can use to login.
** Passwords and user names are CASE SENSITIVE!

h4. Explore the wiki.
* The wiki is laid out in [Spaces] and sub-spaces. Generally a FAI commission will have one top level space and a number of sub-spaces. Wiki users may also have set up their own [personal space|personal spaces].

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