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*Macros* provide the page editor with a rich set of page formatting and automation possibilities.

The full set of macros available to this wiki are in the [*notation guide*|]. guide*|wiki notation] in this space or as a [standalone page|].

h4. Simple formatting

Simple formatting is things like *bold* or _italic_ text, [hyperlinks|macros], bulleted and ordered lists, tables Etc. It's all in the [*notation guide*|]. guide*|wiki notation].

When you are editing a page you have two options, to do it in the *Rich text editor* or the *Wiki markup editor*. You can freely switch between the two as you are editing a page, and see final result of either in the *preview* page. Probably the easiest way to learn simple wiki formatting markup is to do it in the WYSIWYG Rich text editor and then switch to the Wiki markup editor to see what the Rich text editor has done.

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