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07 fuel Measurement for limited fuel tasks

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5.4.1 The maximum amount of fuel, which may be carried for records, is stated in S10 Chapter 3. Fuel shall be measured by mass, or volume. For Championships, the maximum amount of fuel permitted for limited fuel consumption tasks is 15 kg for aircraft flown solo and 22 kg for aircraft flown with two people, or the equivalent in litres, although lesser amounts may be stated at briefing.

{color:#888888}5.4.2 {color:#ff0000}5.4.2 In case of 2 stroke engines with oil injection the mass of oil for a mixture ratio  of 1:50 has to be added to the mass of allowed fuel.{color}

-5.4.2- {color:#888888}5.4.3{color} {color:#ff0000}5.4.3{color} The permitted amount of fuel shall be put into the aircraft tank when it is empty.
-5.4.3- {color:#888888}5.4.4{color} {color:#ff0000}5.4.4{color} An official observer must control fuelling. In championships this may also be done by a competitor or team leader from a rival team.
-5.4.4- {color:#888888}5.4.5{color} {color:#ff0000}5.4.5{color} An official observer must seal the tank. In championships, sealing of tanks is optional if aircraft are moved under supervision of officials directly to the take off place.

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