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2018 WPC Lopburi

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Pasak Jolasid Dam, Lopburi, Thailand, Fri 27 April - Sun 6 May 2018

Classes in competition:
Paramotors: *PF1, PL1, PF2, PL2, PF1f*

Official website: TBA
Official website and results: [|]

Group mailing list TBA
| Chief Marshall | TBA |
| Chief scorer | TBA |
| Monitor | To be appointed by the 2017 CIMA Plenary |
| International Jury | To be appointed by the 2017 CIMA Plenary |
| Stewards | To be appointed by the 2017 CIMA Plenary |

| Monitor | Rohaizi MD HUSSIN (MAL)\\ |
| International Jury | Rohaizi MD HUSSIN (MAL)\\
Mr. SUN (TPE)\\
Barney Townsend (GBR) remote \\ |
| Stewards | Richard MEREDITH-HARDY (GBR)\\ |


{volunteers:question=Are you available to be an official at WPC 2018?|positions_available=Monitor,Jury,Steward|end=2017/11/09/09|exclude_nations=THA}
* Officials for this championship will be selected from the list of candidates by the 2017 CIMA Plenary.
* Since the cost of officials travel and accommodation represent a significant expense to the organizer it is CIMA policy to favour applicants from regions where travel costs will be reasonable.
* All officials are expected to arrive at the competition site at least a day or two before the opening ceremony and must remain on site until after the closing ceremony.
* Officials duties are covered in [Chapter 5 of Sporting Code Section 10|] and the [FAI Jury members handbook (other FAI documents)|].


h3. Documents

[Bid document presented to the 2015 CIMA Plenary|cimaPlenaries:2015 Documents & reports^THA AOPC 2017 and WPC 2018 bids.pdf]
[Report on the Flymaster Trackers trial|cimaFrac:Flymaster tracker at WPC 2018]

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