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2. Centralized data storage system

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h3. Centralized data storage system

This already exists in a limited form but must be expanded to include all aspects of FAI data (other than [people information|cimaWiki:1. based on their [entity id|cima:1. Centralized id & permissions system]) including: system].

* Contact entities which are not people (NACS, ASCs Etc)
* Records
* Competition and championship entry lists
* Competition and championship results
* Ranking lists
In some cases an entity will have one data item, eg a person can have only one name.

Where people are involved, every data item must include a reference to their [id|cimaWiki:1. Centralized id & permissions system].
In other cases an entity will have many items, a committee has many members, a championship has many entries (= person entities).

This is a simple database storage system, but data items may refer to external content (eg files in a file system, urls Etc)

Data is inserted, updated, deleted and retrieved via [web based interfaces|cima:3. Key FAI interfaces] or the [API|cima:4. Open data format and API]

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