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2012 Activity Report

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The following table displays de number of new pages added to the wiki during the last months.

|| Date || New pages ||
| March 2012 | 2 |
| April 2012 | 2 |
| May 2012 | 9 |
| May 2012 | 9 |
| June 2012 | 8 |
| July 2012 | 11 |
| August 2012 | 0 |
| September 2012 | 65 |
| October 2012 | 30 |
| November 2012 | 3 |

The figure displays the weekly number of visits between November 2011 and November 2012. The first peak corresponds to the visits during the 2011 CIMA plenary. As the 2012 plenary approaches an increase of activity can also be seen.

h4. FAI Web Site

h4. FAI Expert Groups

During this year the FAI Executive Board has created the [FAI Expert System|] which includes 8 Expert Groups (EG) : Airspace, Navigation, Safety, Regulation, Information Technology, Airsport facilities, New Technology, Marketing and Communication.

This wiki now hosts the collaborative space for the [Information Technology Expert Group|iteg:Home] and the [New Technology Expert Group|nteg:Home].

h4. Future of this group

During a recent communication between members of the Internet Presence Working Group, it seemed like the WG had no further purpose. There is little work done other than maintaining the Wiki's health and helping others use it.

However, there is more in Information Technology than "Internet Presence". During the last years CIMA activities have seen an increase of IT necessities, like running virtual official boards or developing data capture systems for instant scoring. Therefore, it seems sensible to propose a redefinition of this WG from the original Internet Presence goal to the broader scope of IT projects.

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