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The FAI wiki is built on [Atlassian *Confluence*|]. Confluence is an enterprise wiki which enables groups to quickly collaborate on projects online.

h4.  wiki concept

* The essential features of a wiki are that pages are designed to be easily editable, and a historical record is kept of all changes. The assumption is that the more people who have edit permissions the better because there is then a greater chance of information being loaded into the wiki and being accurately maintained once it is there. Stacked on top of that are lots of additional features, for example logged-in users can create personal RSS feeds or email notifications for when content is added or changed. 

h4. Spaces

* Confluence is organized in *[spaces]*. Spaces are indicated in the menu on the left by a globe icon. Spaces are organized by FAI commission. A main commission space may have an unlimited number of sub-spaces. 

h4. Users & groups

* Confluence is also organized to have *[users|Users]* and *[groups|User groups]*. Users log in, and the wiki knows which groups they are a member of. 

h4. Permissions

* [*Permissions*|Permissions] to view, create pages, edit, administer Etc. are organized by space and user group. 

h4. Creating and editing pages

* Users who are members of a group with permissions to edit pages in a space can do this very easily using an *online WYSIWYG editor*, or a [*wiki notation*|] *editor*, or an *'edit this page in Word'* feature. 

h4. Kinds of pages

* There are several kinds of page in a space; the basic page, a news (or blog) item, a comment, an attachment to a page.

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