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2010 documents & reports

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* [CIMA Microlight committee 2010 meeting Agenda|cimaMicrolight:Home^AGENDA microlight sub-committee 2010.pdf]
* [CIMA Paramotor committee 2010 meeting Agenda|cimaParamotor:Home^ParamotorSubcommitteeAgenda2010_v2.pdf]
* [CIMA Paramotor precision WG report|cimaParamotorPrecision:Home^Paramotor Precision WG 2010 Report.pdf]
* [CIMA Ranking System WG report|cimaContinentalCup:2010 Report]
* [CIMA S10 proposals|cimaS10:2010 Proposals]
* [EMC 2010 Steward's report (1)|cima:2010 EMC Sywell^STEWREP10.pdf]
* [EMC 2010 Steward's report (2)|cima:2010 EMC Sywell^Rev1_EMC2010_STEWREP_RS.pdf]
* [WMC 2011 documents|cima:WMC 2011 home] documents|cima:2011 WMC] and [|].
* [WPC 2011 documents|cima:2011 WPC]
* WAG [Microlights|cimaWAGmicrolights:Home] and [Paramotors|cimaWAGparamotors:Home]

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