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Paramotor Endurance

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Paap Kolar / Estonia

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03 Paramotor Endurance Format

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Paramotor Endurance is a new format with emphasis on navigation and endurance in such new correlation, which would allow a lot of flying and fun without too much restrictions, stressful economy elements and with focus on real practical values, to promote development of pilots’ flying skills, ground skills and flight planning skills on a new level.

Paramotor Endurance format has been developed in Estonia from 2010 and after testing different approaches in competition practice, completely new and fascinating format has born.

Final outcome has been surprising, as all pilots who ever took part in our events so far, have been completely addicted to this adventure, regardless of the results.

Naturally this format will continue to grow and develop from existing framework.

Here is data from the last Paramotor Endurance event.

1-st FAI World Paramotor Endurance Cup 2016
(WPEC 2016)
3-rd Nordic Open Paramotor Endurance Race 2016
(NOPER 2016)
held in Estonia, Saaremaa, from 29.05. to 5.06.2016

The whole event was a great success.
Nordic Endurance format will continue next year in Sweden.
WPEC will be most probably proposed as Cat 1 event for the coming seasons.

I hope you all will be seeing a new and exciting FAI Paramotor Endurance competition developing from here on, with growing popularity and more countries involved than ever before.

This innovative and new concept of future paramotor competition format was highly appreciated by every single pilot ever participating.

Some basic statistics of passed competitions.

4 countries

Nearly 20 pilots

No protests, no complaints, only few corrections due to Amod mulfunction, which were solved with the help of GPS tracking system.

New GPS online tracking system proved it's neccescity fulltime and in some cases saved situations, crucial otherwise.

Competition area 3000 km2

96 Turnpoints + about 115 Hidden gates

WPEC Winner: Annti Tuutti (FIN)
Max speed 126 km/h
Max distance 665 km
Number of flights 22 (not counting numerous bonus landings and takeoffs)

All last 3 years' winners were flying Dudek Snake 18 (2014, 2015) or 20 (2016) and Polini 250.

All results, Amod and GPS online tracks, pictures and social media info is available here: (here you can also find full archive of all GPS tracks)

Competition map:

With regards,

Paap Kolar / Competition Director / CIMA Delegate for Estonia

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