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37 = A new format for changes to Section 10

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Paap Kolar / Estonia

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A new format for changes to Section 10

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Section 10 is reviewed annually with changes proposed and voted in at the annual plenary meeting.

Changes can be submitted in two different ways:

Method #1/ Delegates can submit proposals before the specific deadline, quoting a particular rule, its existing text, and the proposed new text.

Method #2/ A Section 10 Editorial Panel is elected at every annual plenary meeting and has the responsibility to update and progress the rules in Section 10,

with the involvement of all potential human resources and with the view to drive the sport in the right direction.

Membership of this Editorial Panel may consist of Delegates but should also seek to bring on board experienced competitors, competition organisers or Team leaders

who have the knowledge and expertise needed and who are committed to do the job.

The Editorial Panel is also a point of contact for anyone who wishes to propose some changes in the rules but who may be experiencing difficulties in using method #1 because of no contact with delegate, no good english, not enough knowledge of formal procedures or no good abilities to express himself/herself in writing.

The Panel aims to receive actively a thorough debriefing from the latest world or continental championship(s) and from other popular paramotor events to address any encountered problems, with proposals for remedy at the following plenary meeting.

Naturally, Jury members, Stewards and Team leaders can play a big part in the feedback process.


The current method (method #1) is proving very difficult for some delegates, not to speak about simple pilots, as a perfect fluency in the English language is required, including for some English speaking countries.

Added by Paap KÕLAR Last edited by Rob HUGHES on 27 Sep, 2012 08:13. Quick links: or 37 = A new format for changes to Section 10
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