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30 = Fastest Take-off

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Paap Kõlar / Estonia

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Fastest Take-off

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Option a) Replace S10 An4 3.C4 (Short takeoff over a fence)


Option b) Add to S10 An 4 section 3 as a new number at the discretion of the S10 Editor

Fastest Take-off


To take off as fast as possible.

This task is intended to be included as a small element of another task.


Takeoff permission is granted after the pilot has indicated he is ready to take off.

The time between the moment the wing first leaves the ground and when the pilot’s feet or the aircraft wheels permanently leave the ground will be measured and scored. (Permanently is defined as aircraft is airborne for more than 10 sec.)

Special rules
  • There will be a time limit established at briefing according to the weather conditions.
  • If not otherwise briefed, the time limit is 30 sec. between when takeoff permission is granted and when the wing must first leave the ground.
  • If a takeoff is aborted after the wing has first left the ground, one second attempt is permitted.
  • Exceeding the time limit will be signaled with red flag and scored zero.

Pilot score = 100 x (Fmin / Fp)

Fmin = The fastest time for a takeoff.
Fp = The pilot’s takeoff time.

The scoring can be done separately or integrated into the overall task scoring as F.

If the pilot scores zero then the penalty shall be no more than 10% of the overall task score.


The most challenging part of the time measurement is to determine the last touch before pilot’s feet permanently leave the ground. Fortunately stopwatches with Split/Lap measuring features can be used to solve this.


Practical and useful, fun to follow for spectators and for other competitors as well.


This task has been tested in several Baltic and Finnish competitions at 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons with great success as a small entry element of an integrated task.

Added by Paap KÕLAR Last edited by Rob HUGHES on 26 Sep, 2012 18:58. Quick links: or 30 = Fastest Take-off
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