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05 - CZE - Publish tasks 60 days in advance

Proposal from

Vladimir SILHAN (CZE)

Proposal title

Publish championship tasks in detail 60 days in advance

Existing text

4.29.1 On each flying day a task shall be set chosen from A4, unless prevented by the weather. A precision task may be combined with a cross-country task or set separately as specified at briefing. If possible, two tasks should be set on each day for each class.

New text

New text:
4.29.1 Each task description must be published in Task sheet catalogue in Local regulations. Task sheet must describe clearly flight, goals, penalties and scoring formula of the task and what information and instructions will be given to a competitor for pre-flight preparation.

4. 29.1.1. All task sheets must be published in local regulation no later, than 60 days before opening ceremony. Team leaders are responsible for making of comments in written no later than 30 days before opening ceremony.  Questions and comments, which weren’t sent to organizer in previous period, will be inadmissible.

4. 29.1.2. Task sheets may be changed only by general briefing before the first competition task. Organizer is responsible for arrangement of the general briefing, where all questions, comments and requests will be clarified and/or projected into the task sheets. In the relevant briefing will be given only detail information about taxi procedure, take of procedure, landing procedure, departure and approach procedures and time and location details and overall distance to be flown from take off to landing for planning of the fuel.


Reason --

Changing (or creating or finishing) of the task sheets in the briefing creates risks of misunderstanding and mistakes. Competitors haves right for clear explanation, what should they do and what will be goals and what will be penalized. Finishing of the task sheets in the briefing is the biggest mistake of organizer, because understandable task sheet plays the crucial role for fair competition. Task sheets shall be prepared with the maximal possible care in advance, when task designer isn’t under pressure of time and sufficient time will be available for competitors and team leaders for making of comments and questions. Changes in the task sheets (if any) shall be made no latter, than in general briefing before championship. Background from competitors and team leaders is very important for task designer and championship director, but they must have a sufficient time for clarifying, explanation and repairing of potential mistakes and this is impossible under time pressure and excited atmosphere in the briefing. The preparation of task sheets and its compatibility with scoring software should be checked by CIMA monitor before other items. 60 days limit is prevention before failure of its preparation.

Reason for change --

Existing text isn’t rule, this is some description of custom practice, but no obligation or restriction is set by this article.  Is not understandable, what the A4 is. If, this is reference for Annex 4 - Task catalogue from Master Local regulation, there aren’t details needed for task sheet and usually only precisions and soaring follows descriptions from this document.

Added by Rob HUGHES Last edited by José Luis Esteban on 15 Oct, 2010 09:54. Quick links: or 05 - CZE - Publish tasks 60 days in advance
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