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Plenary location

Choice of venue

CIMA may hold its Plenary meetings anywhere in the World, the decision is made at plenaries.

Delegates proposing alternative venues for future years MUST communicate their intentions to the CIMA Bureau at least 45 days before the plenary so it can be inserted in the Agenda, the Bureau can make sure the proposal is supported by the proposer's NAC (in writing, to FAI Secretariat), and to confirm that NAC is fully aware of the commitment it will have to make in both time and cost to host a plenary meeting.

For more information, contact the CIMA President or FAI Secretariat.

The default venue

Unless stated otherwise in the Agenda, CIMA plenary meetings, and the sub-committee meetings prior to it, all happen in the pleasant and well equipped conference rooms attached to the Maison du Sport Internationale (MSI) building where FAI Secretariat is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The full address and some details of how to get there are on the FAI Portal or there is some other useful information here.

CIMA Delegates usually stay in the Hotel Aulac which is on the lakeside next to the Ouchy metro station.

FAI Secretariat usually distributes a booking form for this hotel well in advance of the plenary.

Getting to Ouchy

The Swiss have a global reputation for efficient public transport. You can assume trains will always be exactly on time.
From Geneva airport: Take a train from the very convenient station at the airport (In French; Genève-Aéroport) to Lausanne.
Trains go approximately every 20 minutes, travel time is about 45 minutes, and it is possible to buy a return ticket which lasts several days.
From elsewhere you still need to go to Lausanne main train station.
Zurich is about 2h 45 min travel time.
Unless you are coming by train from an international destination like Paris or Milan there is no need to book in advance.
Swiss train timetables

From Lausanne main train station (In French; Lausanne-Gare) the most convenient way to get to Ouchy is to cross the road (or take the subway) to the metro station. This takes you down the steep hill to the lake and terminates next door to the Aulac.

There is no direct bus from the station to Ouchy (see the bus map) but you can take a taxi (expensive), or walk (20-30 min, all downhill).

If you have plenty of time it is possible to take a pleasant ferry ride to Ouchy from many other ports on Lake Geneva. However, the service is seasonal, so at the usual time of CIMA Plenaries in November you may find it difficult to find a convenient service from Geneva to Lausanne-Ouchy or vice-versa.

You could also fly into Lausanne airport but bear in mind there are severe restrictions on microlights in Switzerland so make sure you've done your research before trying this! Possibly the nearest place you could land in France is Bernex, if you can get the c.10 Km from there to Evian-les-Bains there is an all-year ferry across the lake to Lausanne-Ouchy.

Getting from Ouchy to MSI

Take the bus No. 2 westbound from Ouchy (will say Maladière-Lac on the bus) and get off at Théâtre de Vidy. It is then a short walk westbound to MSI. If you forget to get off there, get off at the next stop where the bus terminates at Maladière-Lac. It is then a slightly longer walk back to MSI. Buses go very frequently and journey time is 5 - 10 minutes.

In previous years it has been normal for the Aulac to give its guests a free Lausanne bus and metro pass lasting for the period of their stay.

See you there!


We usually organise a dinner for everyone during the Plenary. You'll find out more about what has been arranged at the meeting, but these are some of the favourites.

Le Vieux Lausanne Take the metro from Ouchy to Riponne, a short walk from there. map

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