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Vote on internet voting

There is a proposal to the 2012 CIMA Plenary Agenda Annex C item 4 that Internet voting should be permitted in CIMA's internal regulations.

This is a demonstration of how such voting could work, and might also serve as an informal indicator as to how much enthusiasm there is for such a proposal from amongst all CIMA delegates in the lead-up to the plenary.


In the lead up to the 2010 CIMA Plenary both Draft 4 and Draft 5 of the internal regulations did have provisions for internet voting in them. A legal opinion on the whole idea was sought, and provided by the FAI Secretary General of the time.

How this vote works
  • Anyone can view this poll and its result, but only CIMA delegates can vote once they are logged in to the wiki.
  • This voting system uses a database to check whether the logged-in user is a CIMA delegate or Alt Delegate, and if they are, allows them to vote ONCE for the nation they represent.
  • There are three options: Yes, No or Abstain
  • A Nation's vote can be altered by its delegate or alternate delegate at any time up to the end of the poll.
  • No voting is permitted after the end of the poll.

This is an experimental voting system so it is entirely possible you could receive an error message or it is not letting you vote when you are entitled to as a CIMA delegate. If this happens to you, please alert the CIMA president on the CIMA delegates mailing list and he will endeavour to fix the problem as soon as possible.

The outcome of internet voting

If this kind of vote is intended to replicate a vote in the Plenary, then there would be two unavoidable requirements set by the FAI constitution: It would require an Absolute majority and the poll would have to be open for at least 45 days (the normal period of warning for Plenaries). Since this is an online method of voting available to all CIMA delegates it means that more than 50% of NACs who have delegates in CIMA must have voted Yes for the vote to be carried.

Changes to Internal regulations require a qualified majority of 2/3.

Options to consider

Right now, the result which is shown after a poll is closed is no different to what is shown when it is open. But it is easy to adjust what data is saved so, for example, after a poll it could display which countries voted for what which might make delegates more accountable to their constituents? Or you may think that only number of votes cast should be displayed before a poll closes so the current state of voting cannot influence later votes. Say what you think on the CIMA delegates mailing list.

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