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Scoring systems

Many competition organizers seem to forget that a competition is NOT a competition until it has been scored, and this is usually not a trivial business.

It is worth noting that even experienced scorers are sometimes given horrific tasks to score by 'imaginative' competition directors; it is ALWAYS worthwhile making sure every task proposed for a competition is reasonably easy to score BEFORE the event - there is nothing worse for the scorer and competitors than having to work on a task for hours when only a small difference in design could have led to results in minutes.

There are no fully integrated Microlight or Paramotor competition scoring systems (are there?), but there are a few which have been used more than once.

MS Excel by Richard Meredith-Hardy
Works best in Excel 2003 but is compatible with later versions, albeit less easy to use.
Excel spreadsheet with many helper functions, auto-calculation of cats-cradle task, produces proper individual & team totals, one-click auto-formatted printouts with automatic versioning & deadlines and PDF output, Excel 'values only' copies, auto email of tasks & totals and many more 'features'.
Used in WAG 1997, WPC 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, EMC 2010, AOPC 2013, ABG 2014 and many other smaller events.
Always being tweaked - flexible but far from foolproof; 'expert VBA programmer' level of knowledge required, unashamedly complicated to configure...
Contact RMH for latest version and more info.

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